The Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge is a supra-regional hackathon on coastal and marine protection in Schleswig-Holstein.

In 4.5 days, you can work together with other scientists, students or trainees and employees from different fields to develop new
develop, prototype and code solutions

This week offers you the the opportunity to network and collaborate with renowned experts. The results of the hackathon Concepts and proposed solutions are then further developed in various formats.

At the ->Transfer Center for Maritime Technologies ,we offer the space to work and, together with a broad network of partners, provide support for implementation and consolidation on the market.


Rahmen der Challenges


“We have put the oceans through a lot in recent decades. In addition to tons of plastic waste and other pollutants, they have also provided us with a buffer in terms of the climate crisis by absorbing more than 30% of our carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, all these influences do not leave the oceans unscathed. Many organisms suffer as a result. However, as is so often the case at the moment, there is a huge discrepancy between our knowledge and our actions.

The ORCC is looking for realistic solutions to reduce the impact on the oceans and it is an honor and pleasure to be able to support this search.”


“Our oceans urgently need support! With the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge, we are calling for collective action. Scientists conduct research into climate, coastal and marine protection, while companies contribute economic and technical expertise. Pooling expertise is now crucial in order to develop technological solutions for major challenges.

Join in and design sustainable concepts and products in interdisciplinary teams.”

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Sub-project of TransMarTech GmbH funded by the EU

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