The Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge is a supra-regional hackathon on the topic of coastal and marine protection in Schleswig-Holstein.

Our Ocean Re-CREATION CHALLENGE offers 4.5 days of collaborative conceptual development, prototyping and coding. In addition, there are on 4. and 5th day a 48h Coding Challenge….

This year, we also enabled citizens of the KielRegion to actively participate in finding solutions to challenges for integrated coastal management. You will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with renowned experts. We asked for a week of analog building solutions including 2 days of coding challenge. The concepts and solutions developed by the participants in the hackathon were then transferred to a technological networked context. These include e.g. maritime spatial planning as well as the General Plan for Coastal Protection of Schleswig-Holstein or even the federal strategy of Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

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WarmUp Phase

In the preparation phase we are from the end of April to mid-September we will go into conversation with you, learn about challenges and show you how you can be part of the hackathon. We also conduct expert interviews and various workshop formats in the region. This involves the administration, ministries, science, business and society in equal measure. The aim is to harmonize integrated approaches around environmental protection, and regional management, economic development and tourism with the creation of awareness among the population. The focus in all our participation formats is on the interdisciplinarity of the networking and exchange formats as well as in the supra-regional cooperation, e.g., in the field of the “European Network”. with Lübeck and Rostock . We deliberately want to incorporate as many different perspectives as possible into the process.

Hackathon Woche

As soon as the Hackathon week starts, it’s #SETTING_SAILS for the future of the Baltic Sea!
You work in interdisciplinary teams on specific challenges and develop innovative solution concepts. These can be both software and hardware-based, or describe service concepts. We offer you a creative working atmosphere right on the waterfront at the Seefischmarkt in Kiel – a place where innovative, smart and digital ideas are created. Each team is actively supported by mentors with technical and methodical expertise. The Hackathon can thus be seen as an innovative and, above all, interdisciplinary form of collaboration between the participants in the KielRegion and beyond. The transfer of knowledge and networking among each other is to be supported by the hackathon. Here, the contribution of knowledge from the various stakeholders plays a major role: transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity are to be implemented and lead to active collaboration through action.

Booster Programm

There has been development, coding and tinkering – then comes Pitch Day.
As a team, you present your results from the idea/solution process to a specialist jury. This awards the concepts that have a supra-regional impact on the results. In the evaluation of results, the focus is on the one hand on the relationship to integrated coastal management and on the other hand on the suitability for modeling of the solution. The selected solutions have the chance to be financially supported in our subsequent booster program. The participants of the hackathon can count on the support of various mentors to further develop and implement their ideas.


“We protect what we love! Not only is the ocean beautiful and vital to our blue planet, but it also needs our protection and love. The aim of the United Nations Ocean Decade is that we work together for the ocean that we want for our future – the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge makes a decisive contribution to this!”

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