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Oceanwell Kosmetik Sponsor

Natural cosmetics from OceanBasis

The company oceanBASIS GmbH from Kiel- Holtenau and develops and markets innovative products from the sea for natural cosmetics (Oceanwell) and healthy
Food (Marine Garden). All products contain marine active ingredients, especially the Laminaria algae, which is processed particularly gently, and natural Seawater. All Oceanwell products are NATRUE certified, so without chemical extras, and “made in Kiel”. Seaweed is a true miracle of active ingredients for the skin, because it store in highly concentrated form minerals and trace elements from the Sea. Every product purchased also supports the initiative “Protect the Ocean!” Specifically, 10 cents of every Oceanwell product sold goes toward projects such as the protection of sea turtles in Côte d’Ivoire and the salvage of ghost nets in the Baltic Sea.

That’s why we at OceanBasis are supporting the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge 2022:

“In line with our motto “Health for people and the sea,” we research marine active ingredients, develop sustainable products with algae and support marine conservation projects. That’s why we are also pleased to support the ORCC, which is working on innovative interdisciplinary approaches to conserving our oceans. Such formats are simply forward-looking.”

BettaFish Vegan Sandwiches & Oceanfruit Seafood Alternatives

BettaFish is a product of the company Oceanfruit and will feed you with vegan sandwiches during the ORCC. So you’re not only doing good for yourself, but also for our environment. The way to get there is simple: integrate our beloved seaweed into your diet. To help you take that step, BettaFish has developed vegan BettaF!sh TU-NAH, made from fava beans and seaweed – and with it, versatile vegan products that will enrich your everyday life from now on. Oceanfruit also makes vegan snacks, pastes and vegetable dishes from European seaweed: 100% organic, gluten-free and with a healthy dose of iodine. The company works with universities, algae farmers and algae experts from around the world to develop innovative new cultivation and manufacturing methods that do justice to this special resource. This makes the team and its products a natural fit with the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration of the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge. Oceanfruit’s product range includes vegan alternatives for everyone who likes to taste and enjoy the ocean

This is why we at Oceanfruit support the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge 2022

“We clearly share the vision of saving the ocean, which is why we are supporting this year’s Ocean Re-Creation Challenge. In doing so, we exploit the potential of seaweed, but we also find it promising to develop new solutions by means of a hackathon and to drive them in a short period of time. So it goes without saying that we want to provide the perfect snacks for this to make it as delicious as possible!”

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Viva Maris PopUp Ausstellung

Viva Maris seaweed products

Viva Maris is a small start-up company based in Schenefeld/Schleswig Holstein that is breaking new and sustainable ground in nutrition. The company is actively committed to the sea and supports this through seaweed and the cultivation of it. Viva Maris wants the “miracle sea ” to be respected and understood by people, to give something back to the sea and to protect it, as well as to preserve the uniqueness “miracle sea”. The range includes pasta made from algae, algae sauces or even algae shots.

Quote Viva Maris: This is why we support the ORCC

Climate drop

Klimatropfen is a young start up from Kiel, Germany, that produces and sells high quality liqueur from fruits. Klimatropfen fruit liqueur is made by hand. Only real fruits are used for the liqueur. Preservatives or colorants are completely dispensed with. To ensure high quality, the ingredients are stored for several months in glass carboys and barrels to absorb all the flavors of the fruit. Klimatropfen makes a contribution to environmental and climate protection and donates part of the sales proceeds to the environmental protection association “Dein Klima e.V.” from Schleswig-Holstein. The association is committed to the creation and preservation of natural areas such as forests, moors and orchards, and its concept of nature and adventure education ensures a conscious and sustainable approach to the environment.

This is why we support the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge 2022

“As a young StartUp with the goal to strengthen environmental and climate protection in the region on the one hand through educational work and on the other hand through renaturation, we are happy to support the Ocean Re-CREATION Challenge to give the topic of coastal and marine protection a special role in the Hackathon.”